For Pathfinder Central libraries, the procedure for Rotating Books has been simplified.

To Return books to the book truck:
CKLS Rotating Book Staff will check books into the book truck. 

Librarians no longer need to check books back into the the book truck!

To Check in books to your library:
Log in to Pathfinder Central as your library. Check in the books to your library.

When checking in a Rotating Book, the system will ask, "This item needs to be transferred to [YOUR Library].  Transfer now?  Yes / No." Check no or ignore the message and the item will stay at your library.

There is no longer a need to transfer the items.

 *Rotating Books Optional Procedure*: Using the Batch Item Modification feature in Pathfinder Central has the potential to save a significant amount of time when processing books from the Rotating Truck into your library. With Batch Item Modification you are able to change the Holding Location as a batch instead of checking in each individual item. You must make sure to regularly check your Holds Queue if you opt to use this procedure.

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