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Circulation Reports, Circulation Wizard

The Statistics Wizard, Circulation report works differently than before. To view all of the information with labels:

(1) Choose your options. I have found that Library set to Column and Collection Set to Row have the best and simplest results.

(2) As you are setting up the report, at the bottom of the Statistics Wizard
in Output, tick the "To a file:" option.

(3)  Name your file.
      (a)Choose the comma (,) option from the far right drop down menu.

(4) Click Submit.

(5) When prompted, choose Excel to open the download.

You should have it!

OR, you can try:

New circulation report options! Go to Reports-->Use Saved. Run Reports "*Checkout by Shelving Location" and "*Renewals by Shelving Locations" and see what you think!


Check your calendars. Please make sure your hours and information on Calendars is correct. (Tools-->Calendar [under Additional Tools, right column]).


In order for us to be able to share our materials, we have disabled the "Independent Libraries" setting. This means that staff members will have the ability to search, edit and check out to any patron in the system.

PLEASE! Respect everyone's records and only check out to your patrons! This may take a little time to get used to double checking the patron's record to make sure it is yours. But it is definitely worth the extra seconds.

When searching for patrons using the Checkout Tab, a dropdown box with a list of patrons appears. For patrons with multiple accounts or patrons with the same name, a quick way to find your patron's account is to look at the first 5 numbers of the patrons card number. All patron card numbers start with 2 followed (with a few exceptions from legacy systems) by the last 4 numbers of your towns Zip Code. For example Long Island's Patron Card numbers start with the prefix 27647.

PILL Reports

There is a new report available. Try *PILL items at other libraries to get a list of all your items currently on loan to another library!  



Download this file (Resource_Sharing_Timelinems.pdf)Resource Sharing Tasks Timeline[A description of Daily, Monthly and Yearly Tasks for PILL and KICNET]54 Kb
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