What do I look for?

Writing a collection development policy
Collection assessment
Materials selection
Sample policies
Assessment guidelines
Information, policies and issues about graphic novels in libraries
Information, policies and issues about CDs and DVDs in libraries
Intellectual Freedom documents

Finding the good stuff

Announcing forthcoming books
Listing bestsellers
Reviewing new books, large print, magazines, comics, graphic novels, audiobooks, videos, and DVDs
Listing awards for best books
Reading lists of recommended books and graphic novels
Explaining the movie rating system
Explaining DVD technology

Where do I order/buy?

CKLS Technical Services for CKLS member libraries
Standing order programs
Online resources for price comparisons
Online bookstores
Where to buy large print
Where to buy CDs and DVDs
Where to buy graphic novels and comics

Eliminating MUSTIE stuff

Weeding guidlines
CREW Method guidelines by Dewey Decimal 100s
Weed of the month guides by topic
Guidelines for weeding non-book items
Policies for weeding DVDs and graphic novels

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