bonnet head pattyPatty Collins, Consultant
Ext. 134
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Assistant Ext. 134

CKLS Youth Sevices department assists librarians in meeting the information and recreation reading needs of children children_reading2and young adults by encouraging the librarians to create meaningful programs for children. Through materials provided by CKLS, local librarians can encourage children to read and enjoy books.

The Youth Services Department:

Provides printed materials for an annual Summer Library Program for all ages (preschool through sixth grade) at no cost to the local library.
Offers on-site consulting for librarians and encourage children and young adult services in member libraries.
Assesses and evaluates collections, and coordinates collection development.
Coordinates Summer Library programs and special events.
Develops continuing education activities for librarians and children's program volunteers.
Supplies project resource books for planning story time programs.
Maintains and offers a central collection of specialized resources such as puppets, dvds and other story aids for loan for use in member libraries.
Offers examination copies of children's and young adult books for preview before purchase.


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