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 The CKLS Automation Services department assists librarians in meeting the information needs of their patrons. We provide advice and training on use of the Internet and other computerized information sources. In addition we assist librarians in the purchase, installation, and maintenance of computers, operating systems, and other hardware and software products.

The Automation Services Department:

  • Consults for on-site automation needs.
  • Helps member librarians in gaining computer expertise.
  • Assists with the design of automated processes and systems.
  • Provides continuing education for librarians in advanced technologies.
  • Prepares for disasters.
  • Assists librarians and boards with contract negotiations with vendors.

Automation consulting service helps member librarians use current technology and provide technical expertise and printed resources about library automation for member libraries. It provides consulting for automation projects. CKLS Automation Specialists advise and train member librarians and trustees on the use of electronic information services.

Member librarians who need assistance from Automation Services call CKLS and request the service or information they need. The Automation Specialists will attempt to solve computer problems over the telephone if possible. If not, they will schedule a visit to the library as soon as possible to try to resolve the problem.

Tech Tips: For help hints about computers including computer maintenance, safe downloads, kids games, and core tech skills

Workshop Handouts

CKLS/GBPL Absence Report/Request Form


Tech Tips


Core Tech Skills for Librarians:

Online Computer Tutorials: Building Tech Confident Staff

Sustaining Public Access Computing: Technology and Management Competencies

Computer Maintenance:

A Clean Computer is a Happy Computer

Helpful Sites for Basic Computer Cleanup and Maintenance


Intro to Computers:


Introduction to Computers

Internet Manual

Internet Manual pt 2



Kids Games:

Safe Kids Games for Patron Computers

Safe Downloading:

B:/ Software Smart Presentation


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Download this file (Introduction to Computers.pdf)Introduction to Computers.pdf[Computer Basics by Jennifer King, GBPL]652 Kb
Download this file (Introduction to Internet Manual.pdf)Introduction to Internet Manual.pdf[Introduction to Internet Manual by Jennifer King, GBPL]202 Kb
Download this file (Introduction to Internet, pt. 2.pdf)Introduction to Internet, pt. 2.pdf[Introduction to Internet Manual pt 2 by Jennifer King, GBPL]166 Kb

B:/SoftWare Smart: Safe Downloading Guide

B:/Software Smart: Safe Downloading Guide


Helpful Sites

Helpful Sites
By Category

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Windows Updates

How to Install Windows Updates Video

Java Updates

Adobe Updates

How to Install Adobe Reader Updates Video

How to Install Adobe Flash Player Updates Video


Malware Protection


How to Install Malwarebytes Video

How to Run Malwarebytes Video


Computer Cleanup


How to Install and run CCleaner Video

How to Run Registry CCleaner Video




How to Enable and Disable CleanSlate

Koha Offline Circulation Tutorial


Koha Offline Circulation Tutorial

Tutorial Video: Koha Offline Circulation Tool



Tutorial Annotated PDF version (When the tab to screencast opens, click on the Download This Media option at the top of the screen.)

Download the Koha Offline Circulation Module. You can find a link on on the Pathfinder Tips and Tricks page. (There is a shortcut on the right column of the home page.)

Once the module is downloaded, follow the installation wizard’s instructions.

You will only need to download and install the module once.

To Check out:

  1. Open Koha Offline Circulation Module (KOC).
  2. Make sure the Issues tab is selected.
  3. Scan or type in the patron’s card number in the borrower card number box.
  4. Tab to the Item Barcode Box.
  5. Scan in your items.
  6. After you have scanned in all the items for this patron, click OK.
  7. A save window appears. Select the folder you wish to save in. (i.e. create a Koha folder in My Documents).
  8. Rename the file to something you can easily remember (i.e. the date—Sept13 or 9-13-2011 or your choice)
  9. Click save. From now on, the KOC will automatically save to this file.
  10. You can check out to more patrons (Repeat steps 3-6). Each time you click okay, the information is added to the file you just saved (Sept13).
  11. You can also save by going to Fileà Save As (in the KOC menu). Here you can rename the file and change the saved location.

To Check In:


    1. If it is not already open, Open KOC.
    2. Select the Returns Tab.
    3. In the box, scan in each item to check in.
    4. When you have checked in all the items, click ok. This new information is added to the same file you created when checking out (Sept13).
    5. You can check in more items as they arrive. Each time you click OK, the information is added to the file you just saved (Sept13).

    To upload into Koha Staff Client:


    1. Open in Mozilla Firefox internet browser.
    2. Log in using your staff login.
    3. Go to Circulation.
    4. On the circulation page, click the Koha Offline Circulation Uploader link at the bottom of the left column.
    5. Browse for your file. (In this example you would go to My Documentsà Kohaà Sept13.koc). Click Open.
    6. Once you have found your file, click Upload.
    7. Once the file has uploaded, click process file.
    8. Once Koha has processed the file, it will show a list of all the items checked out, and the patrons to whom they were checked out. It will also list all items checked in.
    9. You have successfully uploaded your KOC file!

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    Safe Kids Games Sites

    List of Good Game Sites for Kids

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