The Pathfinder Central Trail Blazers have decided to limit Local Availability Only to 1month.

Once a month the Pathfinder Central Manager (PC MGR) will:

• create a list of Local Availability Only items that have been on there for 1 month or more (starting in August). 
• send these lists as a reminder to each library for their items and expect them to change availability for their items.
• contact the librarian directly and we will evaluate the situation together, if items remain listed as Local Availability Only

Please Note:

• If something truly doesn't circulate (even to your own patrons) then you can use the NOT FOR LOAN status, created by a special ITEM TYPE.
• When you mark items "Local Availability Only" and one of your patrons places a hold from home, your library will be skipped in the HOLDS QUEUE because Pathfinder Central considers it a "lost" status. In other words, other libraries are filling holds for your patrons when the item might be sitting on your shelf waiting for someone to walk in the door and ask for it!
• The system automatically removes Local Availability Only status the next time the item is Checked Out.
For leased or borrowed items that have a "no interlibrary loan" rule, we can set up a NO HOLDS ALLOWED RULE or LOCAL HOLDS ONLY. There are already an ILL Borrowed AND Leased Materials item types with one of these rules applied.

This 1month limit will help move holds through the system more quickly. Pathfinder Central works best when our libraries share their materials openly and freely. We want to use our resources as efficiently as possible. This means getting books off the shelves. Remember the more your items circulate, the better your stats and circulation for the end of year reports!

If you are using local availability for an entire collection of local history items or ILL books, etc., please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. These collections should be put under a separate item type to help the system organize holds and circulate items efficiently.

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