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What it is: A procedural and policy creating committee to resolve issues that arise from 40 libraries sharing 685,538 items.

What will it do? The committee will meet when an issue arises, or is presented to the committee. They will discuss the issue and possible solutions. The committee will draft a policy (or procedure) to prevent or fix the issue. The committee will vote on the policy to enact it into the system. All policies will be posted on the CKLS website and presented to the Pathfinder Central Libraries.

What policies and procedures will it create? The committee will create policies and procedures to resolve issues that arise during PILL services.

Will a library retain its preferences and autonomy? A library will keep control of their records, items, and patrons. The committee is set to resolve issues for how to handle shared resources procedures, etc.

How will the committee get policies approved? The committee will write and vote on the rules, policies and procedures. There will be an appeal process available.

Who will serve on the committee? The committee will consist of 7 voting members: 5 volunteer librarians who are voted in each year by the 40 Pathfinder Central Libraries; the Pathfinder Central Manager and the ILL Manager from CKLS. Committee members will be from Pathfinder Central libraries all over the system. There will be no attempt to ensure that all sized libraries are represented. Any library can have no more than one staff member on the committee.

How long will they serve? Committee members will serve staggered 3 year terms. Each volunteer member must be voted in by members, one vote per library, of the 40 Pathfinder Central libraries for each term they serve. Volunteer members can serve only two consecutive terms, then they must be off the committee for at least one year before being eligible to serve more terms. The Pathfinder Central manager will keep track of each member's terms.

How often will the committee meet? The Committee will meet only when there is an issue to discuss and resolve.

Trail Blazer Committee members





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The Pathfinder Central Trail Blazers committee created a plan for remedial action to help libraries struggling with PILL get the training and support they need to be an efficient and active member on PILL lending and borrowing.

Step 1: Get the library staff a mentor and additional training

Library takes steps to learn best practices and procedures and integrate the routine into daily, weekly and monthly activities.

Step 2: One on one discussion with Pathfinder Manager.

Working with the Pathfinder Manager, a plan is created to help the library meet goals. Library works to maintain consistent and efficient use of best practices and procedures.

Step 3: Trailblazers Review (library experiencing difficulty will appear before the committee and be subject to review).

Working with the committee, the plan is reviewed and implemented to best help the library achieve PILL best practices.

Step 4: Loss of Courier.

After sufficient warnings, discussions, trainings, and support, the library will be taken off the courier plan.

Step 5: Removal from Pathfinder Central.

After continued refusal to meet PILL best practices and procedures, the library will be given their cataloging data and be removed from Pathfinder Central Consortia Catalog. CKLS will provide advice and support to find a new catalog and transfer data.

Between each step, the library will be given time to learn the procedures and best practices and to train staff as needed.

Most issues will be resolved with Steps 1 & 2.
Few issues will not be resolved by Step 3.
Rarely will an issue reach Steps 4 or 5.


The CKLS PILL Replacement Fund reimburses the Lending Library for items that were lost through Pathfinder Interlibrary Loan (PILL) from another Pathfinder Central library. The PILL replacement fund makes lending "risk-free" for Lending Libraries.

  • The Borrowing Library is responsible for submitting claims for lost PILL items.
  • Please submit your claim within one year of the due date of each lost item. Please wait at least two months beyond the due date before filing a claim.
  • Claims will be paid out with a new or like new copy.

PILL Replacement Fund: Claim Form







When a patron returns a PILL item that has been damaged, or the item is long overdue or lost, Borrowing Library waits 2 months from the final due date for patron to return items, or pay replacement costs. Costs are determined by Lending Library’s policy. After 2 months, Borrowing Library pays the Lending Library for replacement of item. If lost item is returned, consult with Lending Library for reimbursement options.

Best Practices:

Lost Items:

  • Items that the patron has lost or are long overdue. Lending library (DO NOT CHECK IN). Mark record as PILL Lost or Damaged.
  • Items that are lost in transit (either via courier or mail) will need to be replaced using funds from the ILL Materials Replacement Fund. You can find the procedure on the Southeast Kansas Library System's Website

Borrowing Library:

  • Count CDs, Tapes, DVDs, and other media components when returning such items. Recover lost discs, etc as necessary before returning to Lending Library.
  • Long Overdue/Lost Items:
  • Run a PILL Overdue Report to track overdue PILL items your library patrons have borrowed.
  • Send notices to patrons before the 2 month period is up.
  • Returned Damaged Items:
  • Borrowing Library—DO NOT CHECK ITEM IN.
  • Fill out Damaged Item Form and attach it to item.
  • Return Item to lending library to determine cost of repair/replacement. (Please date and initial form)
  • Once lending library has determined the cost, add the fee amount to patron’s account.
  • In the notes field, give detailed information about why the fee was given.

Lending Library:

  • Before lending an item, note previous damage on inside cover of the item or in the notes field of the item record.
  • Returned Damaged Items:
  • Mark item record as PILL Lost or Damaged.
  • Determine cost of repair/replacement according to lending library’s existing policy.
  • Inform borrowing library the cost.
  • Borrowing library will add the fee to the patron’s account.

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When materials are sent to Technical Services at CKLS, the catalogers take the record and pull it into Pathfinder.  If the record does not exist yet, an original record is created for the item. 

Here are some helpful tips for searching for a record in Pathfinder Central once you have the item back in your hand. 
Step One:
Do an ISBN search. Typically a librarian will scan the UPC code that is on the back of the book. (Not the attached barcode that has your library name on it).
Check the scanned number. Is it the 10 or 13 digit ISBN number? If it is not, manually type in the ISBN and search.
If an ISBN is 978-1-4328-3236-3, you will need to type in 9781432831363
No dashes
If an ISBN contains an X, 978-1-4328-3236-X, you will type 978143283236X or 978143283236x
Either upper case or lower case will work.
You can also search both the 13 digit or the 10 digit ISBN if applicable. For example, a librarian will search
156766069x or 978156766069x
Step Two:
Do a title search for the title of the book.
Step Three:
Do an author search.
If you cannot find a record for an item, do a Z39.50 search and the Z39.50 tutorials below will help walk you through pulling in a good record. 
We are getting a lot of complaints from libraries that some libraries are cataloging this way:
New Record:
Title of Book
Since we all share a catalog, it is not best practices to create a record for convenience. We have access to many good records from other library catalogs, and we pay OCLC a subscription to get good records from them.  Please use them!!
Cataloging can be time consuming and sometimes confusing.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is happy to visit your library to consult with you on cataloging techniques and any training you may request. 




Cataloging Manual






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OPAC/Patron Training

 Patron Accounts








Simple Pathfinder Central Task Checklist

Resource Sharing Timeline (PILL and ILL daily, weekly, monthly task checklist)


Pathfinder Central is a catalog of the items owned by a consortium of Central Kansas Library System libraries. Patrons of Pathfinder Central libraries may place holds and borrow materials from any of the nearly half a million items listed. Local libraries can issue a login and password to their patrons so that the catalog may be searched and used from any internet-capable computer or mobile device.

CKLS administers the catalog and provides support services to member libraries using Pathfinder Central..







Patron Accounts:
Creating Family Accounts (click for full screen) 
Video walks staff through setting up 1 account for an entire family.


Guarantor Accounts  (click for full screen)
Video walks staff through connecting personal accounts of family members to the Parent's account,
so Parents can see what items their children have checked out.

How to Find Reports (click for full screen)
Shows staff how to search for reports, featuring PILL reports as the example. (No Audio)

How to print a patron slip (click for full screen)
How to print a patron receipt for items checked out.

Koha Calendar Setup (click for full screen)
Shows staff how to update the Koha calendar for days when the library is closed.

Koha Calendar Repeating Holidays (click for full screen)
Shows staff how to create repeating holidays, or regularly scheduled days the library is closed.

Koha Offline Circ Tool (click for full screen)
Walks staff through the Offline Circulation Tool should the library's Internet go down.
Walks staff through the best practice to log into Koha Staff Client (





Did you know that Logging into the Staff side of Pathfinder Central should take only 2 steps?

1) Put in your Username.

2) Put in your Password and hit enter.

You do not need to select "My Library" from the drop down menu. You will be automatically set as your default home library!

Why is this important?

Many people have been accidentally selecting the wrong library. So all of their transactions are being credited to the wrong library and all the books they check in are set to the wrong current location.

What if I'm set as the wrong library?

  • Stay logged in.
  • Go to the top right corner of the Koha Staff Client window.
  • See the name of the library your are set as: Central Kansas Library System. Click (Set library).
  • Select your library from the drop down menu that appears. 
  • Click Set.
  • Double Check you are set as the correct library by checking the top right corner of the window.

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Hey, Librarians! Checkout the new PILL Items on Loan Report! This report will show which of your books are at other libraries and when they are due! Enjoy!

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PILL Remediation Steps: The Pathfinder Central Trail Blazers committee created a plan for remedial action to help libraries struggling with PILL get the training and support they need to be an efficient and active member on PILL lending and borrowing.
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