Legislative Alert

The Senate Utilities Committee will hold a hearing on HB 2390, the Kan-Ed repeal bill, on Tuesday, May 3.  I know many of you have made contacts with legislators on this bill before, but now is the time for another push.  Please let your senator know that you oppose the bill.  Emphasize the importance of the services Kan-Ed provides.  Emphasize the absence of reliable, affordable and high-speed Internet access in many areas of the state.

Background:  HB 2390 has already passed the House.  We hope to stop the bill in the Senate, which has not given any consideration to this bill until now. - Roger Carswell, SEKLS/

Our Authors, Our Advocates

Roberta Stevens, 2010-2011 President of the American Library Association writes she has long believed that authors are natural allies of libraries. Especially in these challenging times, they understand the key role that libraries and library staff play in the economic, social and educational fabric of our nation. They can speak passionately on the importance of not only sustaining, but increasing support for libraries. Her presidential initiative, Our Authors, Our Advocates: Authors Speak Out for Libraries, is a new campaign that enlists America's authors to become articulate and powerful spokespeople for libraries. Visit www.ourauthorsouradvocates.org to view public service announcements available for placement on your library's website and for sharing with your library's advocates. Please help fuel the national dialogue on America's libraries. Spread the word.
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