PILL (Pathfinder ILL)

Pathfinder Interlibrary Loan (PILL) is doing well.  A few weeks ago I sent a message to Google Groups requesting that librarians contact me with concerns or issues with the PILL holds system.  To this date, I've received no concerns but have received a half dozen praises of it.  PILL has increased lending and borrowing and reduced paperwork and keeps statistics for member libraries.  Librarians need to promote the login and password for patrons to access their own ILL records and have the ability to place holds on books they want to read.  Keeping the ILL process as seamless as possible will keep the ereaders from taking over as quickly as they might. Librarians are not and should not be "gate keepers" of information; we need to facilitate the patrons ability to serve themselves. 

KLA ALA Joint Membership of Support Staff

Emily Sitz, Kansas Library Association president reports:

On behalf of our Membership Committee Chair Ken Werne, I would like to call your attention to the two joint membership programs in which KLA is participating. Students can join ALA and KLA for $35. Support staff can join ALA and KLA for $65.

ALA administers the program although the membership fees are evenly split between ALA and KLA. Individuals join through ALA and then ALA sends KLA a monthly roster of new members and a check. It really is a great deal for our members and for our organization. Our brochures are available for downloading at


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