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Handouts are available here after the event. 

Tuesday, June 3: Jamestown
Thursday, June 5: Ellsworth
Monday, June 9: Stockton
Wednesday, June 11: Bison
All workshops are from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Contact Person: Chris Rippel
Presenters: Harry Willems, Chris Rippel, Gail Santy
No meal is served at this event, but you could eat at a restaurant before attending the event. 
This workshop is free. The CKLS Continuing Education Grant may be used to pay for all travel to and from this workshop.

New library trustees start in May. This workshop is for new trustees, experienced trustees, and librarians wanting to learn about being a good trustee. Starting with a list of trustee “responsibilities”,
this workshop describes basic responsibilities, slowing periodically, to emphasis important points.

The following topics will be covered.
•  What is the proper relationship between librarian and library board?
•  What is the source of library funding?
•  What is the budget cycle?
•  What are the eligibility requirements for receiving the System grant?
•  If boards have seven members, why is a quorum now five?
•  What is an executive session?
•  What are the ethics board members should follow?
•  What is a Capital Improvement Fund.
•  Who should sign library checks?
•  If someone asks to see board documents, how soon must you supply them?
•  What should you be telling your local government officials?
•  What are the goals of the CKLS Strategic Plan
 We look forward to seeing you at this event.



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