"Patrons! What devices do you own? Here's what your library has for you."

eReaders: Black & White (e-Ink) screen

eReaders: Color (LCD) screen

Smartphones and Tablets

Computers, Laptops, Netbooks: Web Browsers

What is the purpose of the handouts above?

  • People walk into libraries with a device asking, "What eBooks do you have for my devices?" The first handout provides your answer. Why is it important for everyone in your community to know YOUR library has nine collections for eBook readers?
    1. People who have gadgets use them to carry around many books, due to mobility and because their houses are full of print books and space is limited. These are the values and problems of heavy readers and book lovers, not gadget lovers. eBooks are about reading, not gadgets. People who read eBooks use them to overcome problems they have with print books. Now, your library can serve eBook readers by providing them with free eBooks.
    2. Libraries are traditionally linked to providing print books and magazines on VHS, DVDs and other media "stuff". I have heard school administrators ask, "What do we need school libraries for, when everything is on the Internet?" We don't want our city administrators to ask, "What do we need public libraries for; when everyone has all the ebooks they want on their eReaders, tablets and smartphones?" Telling everyone that your library has collections is the first step, not the only step, in showing your library is still relevant.
    3. Each of the documents is in Word. I recommend typing your library name on the document to emphasize the fact that these are eBook collections provided through your library in cooperation with other libraries in Kansas.
  • The additional handouts are instructions for specific devices. How are these instructions different from other instructions you have seen?
    1. Other sets of instructions focus on the eBook resources such as; 3M Cloud or Sunflower eLibrary. They provide instructions on how to get that source's eBooks to each type of device. The result is that patrons must wade through a lot of instructions about other devices to find instructions for their device(s). The handouts below focus on the patrons' device(s). Only instructions for the patrons' devices are given.
    2. Ask patrons what devices they own. Give them only those instructions for their specific device(s).
    3. Each set of instructions is for a specific type of device and provides the following information.
      • List of the library collections available for one type of device.
      • Identification of the software needed by their device to obtain eBooks from the library's collections.
      • Links to video and written instructions for setting up their device.
      • Links to video and written instructions for finding, downloading and transferring eBooks to a specific type of device.
      • Links to other sources of free eBooks for each type of device.
    4. The ultimate purpose of providing this support is to move library staff from being techies to reader’s advisers about eBooks in the collections.
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