When materials are sent to Technical Services at CKLS, the catalogers take the record and pull it into Pathfinder.  If the record does not exist yet, an original record is created for the item. 

Here are some helpful tips for searching for a record in Pathfinder Central once you have the item back in your hand. 
Step One:
Do an ISBN search. Typically a librarian will scan the UPC code that is on the back of the book. (Not the attached barcode that has your library name on it).
Check the scanned number. Is it the 10 or 13 digit ISBN number? If it is not, manually type in the ISBN and search.
If an ISBN is 978-1-4328-3236-3, you will need to type in 9781432831363
No dashes
If an ISBN contains an X, 978-1-4328-3236-X, you will type 978143283236X or 978143283236x
Either upper case or lower case will work.
You can also search both the 13 digit or the 10 digit ISBN if applicable. For example, a librarian will search
156766069x or 978156766069x
Step Two:
Do a title search for the title of the book.
Step Three:
Do an author search.
If you cannot find a record for an item, do a Z39.50 search and the Z39.50 tutorials below will help walk you through pulling in a good record. 
We are getting a lot of complaints from libraries that some libraries are cataloging this way:
New Record:
Title of Book
Since we all share a catalog, it is not best practices to create a record for convenience. We have access to many good records from other library catalogs, and we pay OCLC a subscription to get good records from them.  Please use them!!
Cataloging can be time consuming and sometimes confusing.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is happy to visit your library to consult with you on cataloging techniques and any training you may request. 




Cataloging Manual


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