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The Pathfinder Central Trail Blazers committee created a plan for remedial action to help libraries struggling with PILL get the training and support they need to be an efficient and active member on PILL lending and borrowing.

Step 1: Get the library staff a mentor and additional training

Library takes steps to learn best practices and procedures and integrate the routine into daily, weekly and monthly activities.

Step 2: One on one discussion with Pathfinder Manager.

Working with the Pathfinder Manager, a plan is created to help the library meet goals. Library works to maintain consistent and efficient use of best practices and procedures.

Step 3: Trailblazers Review (library experiencing difficulty will appear before the committee and be subject to review).

Working with the committee, the plan is reviewed and implemented to best help the library achieve PILL best practices.

Step 4: Loss of Courier.

After sufficient warnings, discussions, trainings, and support, the library will be taken off the courier plan.

Step 5: Removal from Pathfinder Central.

After continued refusal to meet PILL best practices and procedures, the library will be given their cataloging data and be removed from Pathfinder Central Consortia Catalog. CKLS will provide advice and support to find a new catalog and transfer data.

Between each step, the library will be given time to learn the procedures and best practices and to train staff as needed.

Most issues will be resolved with Steps 1 & 2.
Few issues will not be resolved by Step 3.
Rarely will an issue reach Steps 4 or 5.


The CKLS PILL Replacement Fund reimburses the Lending Library for items that were lost through Pathfinder Interlibrary Loan (PILL) from another Pathfinder Central library. The PILL replacement fund makes lending "risk-free" for Lending Libraries.

  • The Borrowing Library is responsible for submitting claims for lost PILL items.
  • Please submit your claim within one year of the due date of each lost item. Please wait at least two months beyond the due date before filing a claim.
  • Claims will be paid out with a new or like new copy.

PILL Replacement Fund: Claim Form



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